Saturday, April 23, 2011

Exhibition organization. Part two. Safe delivery of your art.

* Bubble wrap is perfect for protecting a painting from damage. First wrap in plastic and then create bubble wrap pillows for paintings and seal tight with packing tape. The pillows are made by taping one layer of bubble wrap smooth side to the painting, taping, and then taking a second layer bubble side down so that it creates a "pocket" that is bubble to bubble.

* Do not forget to label works!!! before packing:

- title of the painting
- name of artist and contact details
- medium used
- dimensions of the painting (framed and non-framed)
- a business card could be attached to the back of the painting
- in case of fame could be detached from the painting it is better to label both: frame and painting.

* Wrap all paintings individually or two by two if they have the same dimensions. In this case, put the paintings back to back so that the D ring and screws do not damage the frame of the other painting. As the paintings are facing outward, you can find a painting in my storage area without having to unwrap them.

* Use masking tape, available from any hardware store selling household paint, to seal the bubble wrap packing. Masking tape is easy to cut (even with your fingers only) and can be removed without causing too much damage to the bubble wrap.You may use the brown packing tape but you can’t get it off without tearing apart the bubble wrap. This way you can re-use the bubble wrap several times.

* Then pack smaller paintings into the wide strong!!! Bag or cardboard box and keep it on the floor!!! So the painting cant fall from high and be safe.

* In case of posting or higher safety level we can use advanced packing using cardboard.

* Start out by attaching cardboard corner protectors on the painting:

* Then sandwich this configuration between two pieces of cardboard cut to size.

* Tape all of this together carefully, making sure only to tape cardboard to cardboard and not to tape any exposed frame! Then wrap this up in bubble wrap, much in the way you’d wrap a gift:

* All of this gets boxed up in a heavy or double-ply cardboard shipping box. (You may build sturdy boxes fit to size when you ship the large paintings.) Then use strapping tape and clear wide shipping tape to seal.

* When packing the piece in the box, you need to make sure that when closed, you cannot feel the painting moving in the box at all. Don’t over stuff, but just make sure that there is no sloshing or shifting ability.


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