Saturday, April 23, 2011

Exhibition organization. Part two. Safe delivery of your art.

* Bubble wrap is perfect for protecting a painting from damage. First wrap in plastic and then create bubble wrap pillows for paintings and seal tight with packing tape. The pillows are made by taping one layer of bubble wrap smooth side to the painting, taping, and then taking a second layer bubble side down so that it creates a "pocket" that is bubble to bubble.

Exhibition organization. Part one. Framing your art.

Any frame I choose should complement the art it framing.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of choices.
There are some rules we should count:

Crushing wave

My art:

acrylic painting (board, 60x80cm), inspired by Roy Lang.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My art:

Persian miniature. Inspired by illustration in very old persian book.
Floating picture.
Gouache on card, 15x12 cm
I used watercolour to create effect of burnt paper edges

Birds and flowers. Persian miniature

My art:

miniature 10x7cm gouache on card


My art:

acrylic on canvas